11-01-2012   NO CHARGE

Dear people, there are so many things you don't have to pay for.
Getting something free feels great, and besides, it's possible everywhere.
To get things free is nice. Very nice.
Just take a look at what you can get free every day:

fresh air
meetings between people
a smile
a pet on the head
a compliment

Do you receive enough from this kind of stuff?
Or the aother way round: do you ever give it away for nothing?

23-11-2011   SILENT FORCE

In Holland we've got a special week in October for childrenbooks. The theme for next year is 'hello world.'  Man, am I lucky!
The 'secret dolphin island' fits perfect in that theme, I think. Maybe there are silent forces at work to help my new serie into the world. Maybe the 'magic of the east' travelled with me to give me a helping hand.
I'm moving again, I can feel it...

22-11-2011   READY FOR TAKE OFF

Well. Mist is gone, day is bright again. The only thing what isn't bright completely yet, is me, but I guess it will come automatically. I just set me at my office and try to start writing part 2. I still demonstrate evasive behaviour things, invent 1000 other things to do, but have to focus me on a long, intensive time of writing, which means I have to hide myself. Don't visit friends, don't drink liters of wine, sleeping on a normal time, don't do crazy things. It's a little bit like travelling: I am on the world, but also a little bit not.
Broadly I'm gonna behave a little antisocial. This blog will be the best place you can meet me. I try to write here as often as I can, gonna use it as a warming-up, to get ready for the 'real' work.
In advance, I will apologize for my individualistic behaviour. Sorry, I don't know how to do it in another way.

21-11-2011   MIST

Future and past are invisible when mist is around us.
Mist is the perfect master of the Present.

17-11-2011   FIRE

Still not in my rhythm. Am tired early in the evening, and also totally awake dreary early, and when I say drearly early, I mean 5 o’clock in the morning. Sleeping after woken up is impossible, so I get out of my bed, wait for the newspaper, eat a slice of bread, drink a cup of tea. I start thinking, take a shower, get myself dressed, and wait, not even knwoing what exactly I’m waiting for. Maybe I wait till everyone went out of bed and the house, or maybe I just wait till it’s 8.30h. As I said, I don’t know.
Anyway, today I’m gonna wait till 9.20h. That’s the time I’ll meet my neighbour, because she needs me as a practice object for her relaxation massage.
‘I probably can’t do it very well, you know. Maybe I’ll have to repeat some things.’
‘Doesn’t matter,’ I said, ‘you can use me again and again, as often as you want.’
It will take one hour, maybe longer, and after that massage I have to go back to my studio, just trying to get that 'magic fire' again. In all propability it will take great pains to achieve that magic fire, because there are still so much tropical drops, dew and tears on my branches...


At Sundaymorning the body is landed on Schiphol, Amsterdam, but the Spirit isn’t landed yet. No idea where it is. Maybe she is still hanging around the sea or a mountain far away. Maybe she’s stumbeld and terribly hurt, maybe she’s bruised and hit on vital components, or maybe she’s just confused, not knowing where to go. Maybe she doesn’t know what to do: stay at Bali, or going home, to Harderwijk, in the middle of the Netherlands. Maybe she doesn’t want to go to the naked trees, maybe she prefers the flowers and the sun more then the cold, dark days and the long black nights. The only thing I can do is waiting, writing the Spirit back to myself.
‘Come, girlie, just come. I’ve got space for you, I’ll take care for you, I want you  to fit your house again. I’ll breath you some warmth, whisper poems in your ears, light a candle for you, browsing through memories, coddling what’s gonna be coddled. Here you belong, just in me. Would you please come back to me? I feel naked without you, and being naked in winter is makes me cold and shivering. Come, fly to me. Be brave. Defy the distance, dare to say goodbye, don’t hang down in the past, but deal with the present. I’ll help you. Please, let me come home unharmed…